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The Element 75 Ohm SP-DIF digital cable is a superior unbalanced design cable with a well-defined impedance of 75 ohms. The central conductor is made from multi stranded OCC copper which is insulated by an extremely low-loss foamed polyethylene dielectric. The return conductor is made from Ultra-Pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC). The conductors are covered by a soft PVC sleeve, coloured gloss pearl white.

The end result of this new development is a natural-sounding interconnect that neither subtracts from the music, nor adds any false details or unwanted colouration; additions that are often heard as “improvements” of the sound. This outstanding new interconnect cable is a superb match with the Element range of analogue and speaker cables allowing music-lovers to achieve a superlative signal path for their music, which will suit both their pockets and their ears.

The Element digital cable is terminated with the Atlas non conductive Integra RCA plugs. These plugs provide a continuous path for the signal virtually free of the discontinuities that can degrade the music signal in subtle but audible ways.


Construction : Co-axial
Conductor Material : SP OFC
Screen : Yes
Dielectric : PEF (Polyethylene)
Outer Diameter : 6.0mm
Connector : Integra RCA Plug
Available Lengths
Lengths : 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m

Custom Lengths also Available.

Technical Data
Capacitance (pF/m) : 63.03
Resistance (Ohms/m) : 0.1612
Inductance (µH/m) : 0.3735
Velocity of propagation : Not Available


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