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A new generation.
A new benchmark.

Sennheiser’s next generation of headphones
for digital wireless home audio
No cable, no compromise. That is the mission the new generation of Sennheiser RS headphones set out on. The result is a foursome packed with state-of-the-art technology. Featuring Sennheiser’s latest proprietary digital wireless transmission technology for a lossless, immaculate audio signal. With headphones delivering legendary Sennheiser sound catching the vibe on the receiving end. Each of these headphones tends to individual preferences and demands.

Always the best sound for you

Authentic, high-quality sound. That is what you rightfully expect of Sennheiser. And that is what the new high performance wireless RS headphones will give you—and more: For they will let you tailor the sound to your demands and preferences. Making your listening experience even more enjoyable. Immerse in the soundscape of a movie, the vivid atmosphere of a live TV broadcast or the sophisticated studio recording of your favourite musicians.

Let the sound move you

Sennheiser’s new RS Series’ superb audio comes without a cord. So while your mind wanders around excitingly detailed soundscapes you may walk freely around your home. Sennheiser’s proprietary 2.4-GHz digital transmission technology delivers a high-quality signal wherever you are.

Its efficient management of bandwidth ensures a highly reliable connection and best-of-class interference-free listening. So, if you feel moved by the sound of Sennheiser, there is no need to hold back any more.

Comfort is all around your ears

Enjoy the sound, forget about the headphones. When it comes to wearing comfort that’s very much the message Sennheiser’s new RS Series has for you. All its headphones have circumaural cups sitting snugly around the ear. With ear pads that effortlessly adjust to your ears and head. Their soft flexible cushioning will please everybody even those who wear glasses. The perfect setting for long enjoyable hours of listening.

Great sound comes easy

The new Sennheiser RS Series follows a plug&play philosophy. Set up is quick and easy, and everything falls into place: Turn on the headphones and the transmitter will spring to live immediately. Volume and the sound adjustments can be set by intuitive controls on the headphones and the transmitter.

Recharge the batteries simply by placing the headphones on their docking station. When you remove them, an LED will indicate the charging level. Sounds simple? Yes, and great, of course.

Seamless integration

The new Sennheiser RS Series fits hand-in-glove with any existing audio & video environment. Thanks to an optical digital input (except RS 165) as well as an analogue connection option. Furthermore, every RS model comes with several country adapters.


Ideal application TV
Acoustic type of headphones Closed
Operating range (up to) 30m
Bass Boost Yes
Surround Modes No
Manual input level control No
Speech clarity No
TV noise suppression No
Music boost No
Balance control No
Operating time of headphones Up tp 18hrs
Max active parallel headphones 2
Analog(3.5mm) Yes
Analog(RCA) No
Digital(optical) No



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