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Start with a PLAYBAR

Flood any room with PLAYBAR’s epic full-cinema HiFi sound and wirelessly stream all the music on earth through one easy-to-use soundbar.

Add a SUB for deeper bass

SUB lays down thick layers of bottomless, spine-curling bass anchoring the sound and adding depth to everything you see and hear.

Add PLAY:1s for surround sound

Immerse yourself in full 5.1 surround sound wirelessly by adding the compact power of a PLAY:1  pair.


Amplifier power (watts) Sonos Sub (Wireless Subwoofer) : Two Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to match the speakers and acoustic architecture.
Sonos Playbar Soundbar And Wireless Speaker : Nine Class-D digital amplifiers
Compatibility Sonos Play:1 Wireless Network Music Player : AUDIO FORMATS SUPPORTED: Support for compressed MP3, iTunes Plus, WMA (including purchased Windows Media downloads), AAC (MPEG4), AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, Audible (format 4), Apple Lossless, Flac (lossless) music files, as well as uncompressed WAV and AIFF files. Native support for 44.1kHz sample rates. Additional support for 48kHz, 32kHz, 24kHz, 22kHz, 16kHz, 11kHz, and 8kHz sample rates.

MUSIC SERVICES SUPPORTED: Sonos works seamlessly with 7Digital, 8Tracks, Amazon Cloud Player, AUPEO!, Dar.fm, Deezer, Hearts of Space, iHeartRadio, JB Hi-Fi NOW, JUKE, Last.fm, MOG, Murfie, Napster®, Pandora®, Qobuz, Rdio®, Rhapsody®, SiriusXM™ Internet Radio, Simfy, Slacker® Radio, Songl, Songza, Spotify®, Stitcher SmartRadio™, TuneIn, Wolfgang’s Vault®, WiMP, and downloads from any service offering DRM-free tracks. (Service availability varies by region.)

OPERATING SYSTEMS (FOR STORED FILES): Windows® XP SP3 and higher; Mac OS X v10.6 and higher; NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices supporting CIFS



PLAYLISTS SUPPORTED: iTunes®, WinAmp®, Windows Media Player®, and MusicMatch™ (.m3u, .pls, .wpl)

PLAYBACK MODES: Crossfade, shuffle, repeat

Connections Sonos Sub (Wireless Subwoofer) :
Ethernet port - A single Ethernet port that can connect the SUB to a wired home network.
Wireless - SonosNet, a secure AES encrypted, peer-to-peer wireless mesh network
Sonos Playbar Soundbar And Wireless Speaker : 2 x Ethernet connection (via RJ45)
1 x optical digital in (via toslink)
Drivers Sonos Sub (Wireless Subwoofer) : Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face for deeper, richer sound and zero cabinet buzz or rattle.
Sonos Playbar Soundbar And Wireless Speaker : Three tweeters, six mid-range drivers
Finish Sonos Sub (Wireless Subwoofer) : Gloss Black/Matt Black/White
Sonos Playbar Soundbar And Wireless Speaker : Black with silver trim
Sonos Play:1 Wireless Network Music Player : Black or White
Frequency response (Hz) Sonos Sub (Wireless Subwoofer) : Plays down to 25 Hz
Inputs Sonos Play:1 Wireless Network Music Player : Ethernet (LAN) network socket (via RJ45 connection).
Key decoding Sonos Playbar Soundbar And Wireless Speaker : Plays all common TV audio formats, including Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1 and PCM
Networking Sonos Play:1 Wireless Network Music Player : Uses SonosNet wireless mesh networking with Advanced Encryption System (AES) security. When multiple ZonePlayers are connected wirelessly each one acts as a wireless repeater, boosting the signal distance over that of a normal wireless router. Up to 32 ZonePlayers can be connected to one mesh network. Ethernet socket for wired connection to routers. At least one ZonePlayer or optional ZoneBridge must be connected to a network via wired Ethernet to communicate with computers, internet routers and network attached storage

SonosNet can be used as an alternative to standard wifi by making wired connections to computers from ZonePlayers

W x H x D (mm) Sonos Sub (Wireless Subwoofer) : 380mm x 402 x 158mm
Sonos Playbar Soundbar And Wireless Speaker : 900 × 85 x 140
Sonos Play:1 Wireless Network Music Player : 161 x 120 x 120
Weight (kg) Sonos Sub (Wireless Subwoofer) : 16kgs
Sonos Playbar Soundbar And Wireless Speaker : 5.4
Sonos Play:1 Wireless Network Music Player : 1.85
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